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CWC Limited "Mademoiselle Chocolat de Q-pot"

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Update:: 14/05/2010 14:57:39

6,500.00 บาท


We are happy to finally present the final design for "Mademoiselle Chocolat de Q-pot."!
Her gold dress is designed to look like a foil covering a chocolate bon bon.
The frill on the dress makes her look really gorgeous!
The necklace is sewn onto the dress with gold and brown two-tone colored beads

Her headdress is brown netting with gold and brown little ribbons, and adds a cute accent to the mademoiselle.
Her little bag looks just like a piece of chocolate, and the Q-pot. logo is beautifully printed on the bag.
The stand was designed to look like a chocolate, too!


Her makeup is in warm beige tones.
Her hair style is dark brown on surface and ash blonde underneath.
This hair style represents Q-pot.'s cute and unique style.

Our beloved chocolate turns to the cutest Petite Blythe!
Please enjoy her sweetness!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- orangy beige, Blush- orangy beige
[ Eye Color] Dark green (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Dark brown and ash blonde
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, headdress, dress with sewn in necklace, handbag, shoes, and stand.