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Very Vicky

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รายละเอียด: Very Vicky is adorable with class, fashioning a classic style with a tad of gothic sensibilities, everybody admires her immensely.
What gives her the impression of an aristocratic mademoiselle?
We would like to point out her skirt and top as two separate pieces.
Her top and skirt uses a calm dark green fabric with a tint of blue.
Her puff sleeve blouse has a an off white section for her chest area and is detailed with care.
On the center of her small stand color a black satin ribbon is tied to it with 3 black beads button on the bottom.
With 3 pin tacks on the left and the right we were able to gracefully decorate the blouse with laces

The skirt has a simple A line.
Her waist section is gathered together to have a soft silhouette.
The bottom of the skirt is detailed with intricate laces and it matches the blouse very well.
Vicky's long hair and her small straw hat looks great together.
Her hat also has a similar motif with the laces and is very chic.
Be sure to put her gold comb in the back of hair too.


For her feet she has black tights and strap shoes coordinated to match her outfit.
Her slightly permed light brown hair goes down to her knees and her hair is parted in the from to the side.
Her eye shadow is a bluish grey and her lips and cheeks are both pink.
Her cheek is on the thicker side in the center in a circular shape accentuating cute expression.
Her beauty mark under her right eye is also another charm point!
We also used light green, a special color, for her eyes looking to the right.
Her face type is Fairest and her face color is Natural.


[ Face Type ] Fairest
[ Skin Type ] Natural
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- blue grey, Lips- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color ] Blue (front) / green (left) / orange (front) / light green (right-special color)
[ Hair Color ] Light brown
[ The set includes ] Doll, blouse, skirt, tights, earrings, strap shoes, straw hat, underwear, and stand.


Available Date : AUGUST 2010