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CWC Limited Edition " Bird Song Duet "

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Update:: 15/12/2008 22:30:39

6,000.00 บาท


The sweet little sister birds, Emma and Melanie, are the Petite Blythe set "Bird Song Duet."
Their beautiful voices bring joy and harmony to the hearts of those who hear their beautiful song.
By the magic of Princess a la mode's unconditional love, they turn into human girls!

Emma has platinum blond hair with beautiful curls. Her gold eye shadow echoes the soft beauty of her golden ringlets.
Her light cream dress is embellished with beautiful lace and a lovely rose cameo, fit for a princess!
Her soft and sweet beauty is topped off with her lovely cream colored hat!

Melanie has wine colored hair, styled straight with bangs.
Her eye shadow is a lovely cafe au lait shade, with the same color eyes as her sister Emma.
Melanie's dress is a bold black and white accented with a beautiful bird broach.
She wears a black headband with flowers.
When you place these two sisters side-by-side it seems like they are looking at each other lovingly.

This set will be available to purchase at the Omotesando Hills event.

The Set includes:
: Doll (tip-toe), hat, blouse, jumper-skirt, petticoat, boots, and stand
Melanie: Doll (tip-toe), headband, dress, petticoat, boots, and stand

CWC limited Petite Blythe "Bird Song Duet"

Limited edition of 3000dolls

น้องตัวจิ๋ว เอมม่า และเมลานี 2 สาวเพื่อนตัวจิ๋วของเจ้าหญิง Princess a la mode มาในกรงนกน่ารักมากๆเลยค่ะ