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Topshop Exclusive Zyanya Remembers

Update:: 29/08/2022 21:44:52

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TOP SHOP Exclusive Neo Blythe “Zanya Remembers” final announcement

I’m grateful to have met the people in my memories. 
The time I spent with all these people and love is my true treasure.
I’ll always cherish them. 

Zanya’s fashion features a black dress with long camisole and large hair accessory. 
The dress has a glittering design with gold embroidery and braid. The long camisole is colored in blue and pink with gold accents. Its printed motifs of sacred hearts , crosses, flowers and stars. It also has a two tiered ruffled bust. 

The head accessory is a long red ribbon that makes a big impact. The fashion accessories are also unique, including sacred heart earrings, chartruse tights and black four-strap shoes.

The face type is Radiance Renewal.
Her face color is latte.
Her hair is long, brown with a perm and center part.
She wears olive green eyeshadow, coral pink blush and lipstick. 
For the eyes, she has special dark green color set to the right.


Face type: Radiance Renewal
Face color: Latte
Makeup: olive green eyeshadow, coral pink lips and blush
Eye color: Orange (front), dark green (right), pink (front), blue (left)
Hair color: Brown
Earrings: Yes, heart shaped
Nail polish: Red
Set includes: doll, dress, long camisole, head accessory, earrings, shorts, tights, shoes, stand

Release Date : APRIL 2021