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ตุ๊กตา Blythe ตัวใหญ่ขนาด 11 นิ้ว
(ตุ๊กตา Blythe ตัวใหญ่ขนาด 11 นิ้ว)
ตุ๊กตา Blythe ตัวใหญ่ขนาด 8 นิ้ว
(ตุ๊กตา Blythe ตัวกลางขนาด 8 นิ้ว)
ตุ๊กตา Blythe ตัวใหญ่ขนาด 4 นิ้ว
(ตุ๊กตา Blythe ตัวเล็กขนาด 4 นิ้ว)
เสื้อผ้าของน้อง Blythe
(เสื้อผ้าของน้อง Blythe)
IxTee Ichigo
(ของแต่งตัวอื่นๆของน้อง Blythe
(ของแต่งตัวอื่นๆของน้อง Blythe)
Topshop Limited Pleasant Surprise
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Update: 03/06/2024

6,800.00 บาท

We are happy to announce the final specifications for the TOP SHOP limited Neo Blythe “Pleasant Surprise”★

I came to Paris wearing my favorite pantsuit.
There were many wonderful surprises!
I was able to upgrade my airplane seats and hotel room!
Could this suit bring me good luck?


Neo-Blythe Pleasant Surprise’s boyish pantsuit is made of a chic brown checked fabric that is accented with navy x dark red suspenders and a dark brown fabric.

The top coordinates with a ribbon-collared blouse featuring frills on the front and cuffs★

The newsboy cap is wine-red tweed.
The hat is accented with leather-like side belts and covered buttons.

The trunk is a hard type that is perfect for traveling. It comes in navy x dark red and matches the suspenders.

On her feet, she wears orange socks and light brown x brown thick-soled, low-top lace-up shoes.


Her face type is Radiance Evolution and her face color is cream.
Her hair color is blonde and her hairstyle is long and straight with bangs.
Her eyeshadow is brown, her cheeks are pink, and her lips are plump pink.
Brown (molded color) eyelids and special jagged brown eyelashes are set to create an attractive look!
The eye color is set in two special colors, light brown and light blue, on the front.

[Face type] Radiance Evolution
[Face color] Cream [Makeup] Eye shadow: Brown, Lips: Pink (plump shape), Cheeks: Pink
[Eye color] Light brown (front *special color), Green (right), Lightblue (front *special color ), blue (left)
[Eyelids] Brown (molding color)
[Eyelashes] Brown special specification (jagged type)
[Hair color] Blonde [Earrings] None [Mail polish] Pink [Set contents] Doll, jacket, blouse, pants, hat, socks, shoes, trunk, shorts, stand


*This product is for ages 15 and older.
*Specifications may differ from the product.

Release Date : DECEMBER 2023